The Problem with Most Web Page Copy and Blog Content

                                   It's boring!

   But dynamic, compelling copy that speaks to
   your target audience can make your website,
   blog or newsletter COME ALIVE and
   SING OUT to your website visitors. It can
   also bring you more business and new clients.
   And we can write it for you so that you won't
   have to!

   The Secret to Generating Great Content
   for Your Web Pages, Blog or Newsletter

   Don't write your content, speak it! Speak it
   into the voice memo feature
on your IPhone
   or Android phone and then transcribe it.
   Confronted with a blank page to fill up, we tend to write copy that's stilted
   and boring. Passive verbs and long drawn out sentences make for
   "deadness" and a lot of web pages have this problem. But when we talk 
about something that is important to us like our business, we tend to come
   alive with feeling, energy and passion and this is what our web pages and
   blog posts need most. This is what will grab the attention of your website 
   visitors and make them want to buy.

Give us a call and we'll make your web pages or newsletter
                                        Come Alive with Great Copy!


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